New passport photo procedures are strange

Recently, I had just renewed my passport. Yes, it’s been that long since my last one. In fact, I even received the new RFID one which brings along a whole slew of other matters that I’ll have to deal with in protecting myself as an American citizen when traveling abroad. But that’s another opinion for another day.
But this part is really strange. We’re still using the old procedures of sending in a photo for renewals and new passports, BUT if you read the instructions. Those photos have to be able to withstand certain types of temperatures. The reason for this is because the old passports basically laminated the photo directly onto the passport.
The new ones however seem to be a scanned image. At least without taking apart my passport and not having the duplicate picture, it sure seems that way. The resolution of the picture has been downgraded for sure. Which makes me wonder why we have to have photos that can take temperature differences anymore? Why can’t you use photo paper or anything that an amateur photographer uses these days? Or just plain inkjet paper if it indeed is a scan. It’s not like the people at Walgreen’s that took my photo actually signs off on an “official” photograph.
Definitely one of those interesting questions that I probably will never find the answer.