Music Review: Last Exile O.S.T.

Been watching an anime series lately called Last Exile. It’s actually very good and a bit older, but what got me to buy the OST was two things. One was the opening song. Not many anime series begin with a dance track and Cloud Age Symphony is just one that you can bust out some dancing with.
But it also was very nice that it didn’t cost the same as usual import CDs. For both Last Exile, Vol. 1 and Last Exile, Vol. 2, it only cost about thirty bucks. That’s not bad at all for imports.
The music overall is background music so there is a lot of more classical and dance. The nice thing about this is how the music interacts with the actual anime since it’s more of a steampunk type of animation. This makes it a strange but fascinating combination to see steam-powered technology that has dance and classical together. Weird, but actually flows well together.