Music Review: Kenny Chesney – Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates

A certain song has been going on in my head a while now after starting down the long road of actually being somewhat interested in some country music.
That particular song, was something I saw on television while flipping through CMT and heard “Don’t Blink.” by Kenny Chesney. This song is on the album, Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates [affiliate]. I have to say that of all of the songs on the album, this is definitely my favorite. Not so much for the country music style, but for the lyrics. If you’ve noticed that most country songs are about something a bit sad, be it lost love, lost…. well, lost anything. This one is in the same tone, but it should touch anyone because it talks about how life itself is just passing by and before you know it… it’s gone. So “don’t blink”.
What’s interesting is that this one of the biggest fears in my life that your life just passes by and you don’t know what happened. And why you should pay attention and live it to the fullest. Strange that it takes “country” song like this and to point it out when I’ve listened to so many other things over the years.
Definitely a worthy song, and worthy album just because of this one song.

Kenny Chesney - Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates