Music Review: John Mayer – Continuum

A friend of mine told me to take a listen to the latest John Mayer album, Continuum. I have to say that the whole soft rock bit?
I have to be in a certain mood to really appreciate it. Don’t get me wrong, but the songs on there remind me of a certain time in my life when everything was depressing, and the music was about hurt and being broken and.. your usual broken heart type feel. While at a time, I really liked the album Room for Squares, it seems like Continuum is still following the same track and style.
While it’s not my cup of tea currently, it’s not bad music. Just doesn’t really change too much from what I know of John Mayer. And from an artist, you sort of hope that there’s more to it than the hint of sadness that he sings about…
John Mayer - Continuum