Movie Review: Resident Evil – Extinction

In the third Resident Evil movie, Milla Jovovich is Alice, the bio-organic weapon created by Umbrella. In Resident Evil – Extinction (Widescreen Special Edition), the world has pretty much ended due to the T-virus taking over more than just Raccoon City, but the whole world.
Within five years, everything has been infected and little by little, the remaining humans are fighting to survive the infection. Claire Redfield (Carter) leads a convoy that keeps getting diminished by zombies taking out those there. They meet up with Alice and together try to take on Umbrella after Umbrella tries to regain Project Alice.
From a perspective of game to movie makes? This is probably one of the better series to date. Definitely a great action flick along with decent special effects. And really, who wouldn’t want to be one of those zombie extras? So cool. This definitely will be going on the shelf.