Movie Review: DOA: Dead or Alive

Well, what can I say. D.O.A. – Dead or Alive [affiliate] reminds me of the Mortal Kombat series of movies. Cheesy, but it’s a decent B-rated action flick for a Sunday afternoon.
For the most part, this movie had many references of other DOA series and have had pretty good bios on all of the characters. The storyline was decent, although there isn’t much you can do when it’s a “fighting tournament” type of movie. It’s been done. Many, many, many times.
Would I watch this again? Probably if it’s on television. It wasn’t a terrible flick, but it wasn’t worth nine dollars at prime time in the theaters. In fact, I think it would have done better as a direct to DVD. I’d rather rent than sit in a theater for this one.