Movie Review: Death Note

The rage behind the manga and anime has hit the big screen. Yes, this is a bit older, but it’s interesting since most of the United States has just gotten a hold of this via Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.
Death Note [affiliate] is about a high school student, Light Yagami, whom has come into possession of a “Death Note”, a book that death gods possess to take lives. The shingami, Ryuk, watches the story unfold in amusement as Light tries to create the “perfect world”. Having a god complex, Light becomes the target of an investigation where a little known eccentric genius only known as “L” plays a battle of wits with Light.
Strangely enough, this follows the anime and manga pretty closely, but the choice of actors was pretty strange since “L” was actually very close but in both manga and anime, Light is this perfect looking high school student that is actually pretty great looking. Unfortunately, Tatsuya Fujiwara just doesn’t quite cut the whole look in my opinion.
The movie itself was actually pretty decent, and sets up for the sequel of which is actually still a part of the manga and anime storyline. Personally,I found the movie to be fairly enjoyable and the story followed the original storyline fairly well enough that you didn’t think….. “WHAT is this?!!” So that was good too. It did seem a bit slower at the beginning, although it was really just trying to preface how the Death Note worked.