Movable Type Plugin: CacheBlock

cacheblock-edit.jpg CacheBlock is a plugin for MT4 that allows you to cache certain blocks of code to allow faster access and rebuild times.
This is due to it leveraging a couple things. First, if the system has memcache installed, then the plugin uses that to actually cache blocks of code. This makes it lightning quick to actually rebuild or create static pages since it doesn’t query the database each single referenced link. If memcache isn’t installed, then it caches the code in the database. This will still be faster than usual since one query to the database still is less than multiple queries to the database.
CacheBlock in general and depending on how you use it, will definitely speed up your publishing for Movable Type. Just takes some time to add the template code and rebuild the site. But once that’s done? Bam….. faster builds, faster action and everyone’s just dandy and happy.