Movable Type 4 driving me nuts

Anil and I had some conversation before I had upgraded Lux to MT4. There was a lot of assurance that things would be better.
And graphically? Sure. It looks nicer. But operationally, there are so many things that I would give anything to roll back to MT3.x. It’s too late though. Currently, I’m fighting an issue where when the index builds, it takes too long and the server times out before the build completes. Nothing my host can do about it since it’s a shared hosting account, and there’s no plugin out there that can fix this. Fun times with manual builds of the index. On a daily basis.
I suppose I’ll have to go in and hack the build code, which is something I dread doing since it’s time consumed that I don’t really have the time to do.
I’m also curious as to when the next version will be coming out where you can control the trackbacks. Strange that WP has no issues with it, but the way MT is implemented, some hosts deny how it functions but have no issue when you run trackbackid= in the actual URL. This tells me that from a functionality standpoint, MT doesn’t empower the user to actually pick and choose what they want to use to actually implement trackbacks.
I also know of a minor bug in the code for 4.01 that doesn’t allow you to have the same login name for your MT4 login as your TypeKey one. Good luck in commenting if you’ve run across this (it took me a few days to debug it with the wonderful Six Apart support staff). It’s been reported and confirmed by their staff that the fix will be implemented in the next version, but who knows when that will be.
Overall, if this software wasn’t so bulky and having hosting issues, I’d actually love it for the interface (which in my opinion blows away WP admin interface). But always the engineer, functionality is key before beauty. And unfortunately, I’m currently considering the possibilities of migrating LUX to WordPress even though I’ve been using MT for years. Will it break my links? You betcha. And that’s one of the reasons I’m hesitating.