Metered Internet a play after the failed move for tiered Internet?

A crazy thought occurred while I was thinking about how Time Warner was basically setting up metering for the Internet, and making a statement of how only 5% of users account for the top 50% of traffic. First, I’d be curious as to where these numbers are coming from.
But there is another thing that came to mind. A while back, there was a huge play by Tier 1 ISPs to try to tier the Internet. This created a huge divide, where many major corporations stood against the Tier 1 ISPs and against tiered traffic. Slowly but surely, that fight died to nothing as telecom executives grumbled and went back beaten.
But would this metered Internet, be the beginnings of the next play against the consumers? It obviously will not be anything good for consumers, but even corporations such as Google, will take an indirect hit being that the majority of their applications require some sort of Internet access. And based on this fact, this would definitely place a dent in the adoption of such Internet applications.
It definitely is a different battle, but seems to be in the same war. The question is, will the masses again gather to form a blockade against those that try to hurt technology growth for the sake of more green in the coffers? Time will tell.