Macheist II – 11 Apps for $49

macheist-2.jpg Hmm. This is actually a really good deal. For $49, you get 1password, CoverSutra, Cha-Ching, iStopMotion, Awaken, Speed Download, AppZapper, and TaskPaper.
Wait a second, you say. There’s three more that are missing! Oh yeah. As of this writing, CSSEdit has been unlocked, and Snapz Pro X, and Pixelmator have yet to be. Basically the goal is that within a two week period (there are still eleven days), they meet certain goals for everyone to access all of the applications.
Having paid full price for both AppZapper and Pixelmator, I can tell you that this bundle deal is actually amazing in just having the option of many of these applications. Not only do the developers get eyeballs on it, but MacHeist is great fun and you get some neat little applications for free on top of it. And it raises money for charity, which is even better! I sort of wish they had Child’s Play as a charity they give to, but maybe next year.