How Time Warner’s buffet experiment will hurt consumers

It looks like Time Warner is experimenting with an “a la carte” type of payment scheme for cable internet. And they claim that the top 5% of the users use up 50% of the bandwidth.
Sorry. I just don’t buy it. Why? This is a plain and simple play for more money. Think about it. Currently there are rental movies that are going online. iTunes anyone? There are also many types of free software such as linux ISOs, and other types of things that are large files. In fact, with every day hard drives, closing in on the 1 terabyte mark, it’s no wonder that people just download more.
A buddy of mine said that his kids always complain when he sucks up the bandwidth when they’re gaming since a lot of games these days require fast ping rates and actually produce a lot of traffic back and forth. Ever look at the traffic patterns for incessant web surfers? They can pull some major traffic down, especially if they use YouTube.
I think I’ve pointed out enough examples where this case is a strong move to force consumers to pay more for less and stifling many different technologies in the process. I think that overall, it will also detriment Time Warner’s business by increasing turnover. You can guarantee that people will be looking for other providers that are not going to nickel and dime them for a service.
If you’re a Time Warner customer, especially one in Beaumont, Texas, I would be seriously raising heck. Just think about it. What’s the point of having metered Internet, if you know that you’re going to be paying more not only by current standards, but your pocketbook will be emptied for being a web technology first adopter?
Consumers need to stand together on this before it gets any further. Don’t let them meter the Internet.