HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray

Interestingly enough, we’ve recently purchased some hi-def things for the home. Interestingly enough, we were also caught up with the whole format wars.
Do we go with HD-DVD? Do we go with Blu-Ray?
Well, here was the thought process behind both since we’ll eventually use both mediums. First, Blu-ray. Let’s take a Sony’s track record. Beta vs. VHS. Lose. MD vs. CD. Lose. UMD vs. … well, it’s not really that great either. In fact, every time Sony comes out with something, regardless of how good the technology is, they haven’t been able to win with it. Until Blu-Ray. They’re throwing a lot of weight behind this format and now that Warner Brothers has defected to it, it bolsters seventy percent of the studios going forward. That’s something to be said about the format if it can get that type of support.
But don’t count out HD-DVD just yet. While it’s lost one of its major players, HD-DVD has something that Blu-Ray doesn’t have. First to market always means that there’s more of something on the table. Market share wise, HD-DVD holds the majority of hi-def movies and definitely the television show arena. To drop out of this, this late in the game would not only be disastrous for the studios, but it would create a lot of angry consumers. I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen the whole angry mob syndrome, but it’s not pretty. Especially when you’ve forced them to buy certain movies and shows that only come on that format, and then you quit the format altogether and leave the consumers stuck with an expensive paperweight and a more than a couple pieces of media.
Between the two, I think that they need to just share and get along. Yes, we did buy a HD-DVD player, but we’re looking into getting a PS3 at some point. That will broaden our range of what type of movies and shows to get which will be pretty fantastic. People scoff because hi-def things are expensive, so they expect a result to come from the war. But what if they don’t resolve this conflict? Even more importantly, have you noticed how much money it costs to get the equipment for HD? Having both formats won’t hurt anyone as long as the media flows. So let the media flow! We, the consumers, can make the decision on where and what to buy.