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Enable DVD playback in Ubuntu

Apparently if you want DVD playback in Ubuntu, it’s pretty annoying because it’s not installed. Well it looks like you can get it resolved with only 2 commands.

sudo apt-get install totem-xine libxine1-ffmpeg libdvdread3

sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/install-css.sh

Pretty useful if you need to play commercial DVDs.

Music Review: Connie Talbot – Over the Rainbow

I was just going through some Youtube videos and I ran across the Britain’s Got Talent winner, Connie Talbot. And … phew… what can I say. This six year old has an amazing voice.
So I went and got me a copy of Over the Rainbow off of Connie Talbot - Over the Rainbow and listened some more. If this little girl can hold onto to the way she sings, it should propel her career as a singer.
If you can’t believe that a little girl won the Britain’s Got Talent, then just listen to her on the following video and just melt like I did:

Movable Type Plugin: CacheBlock

cacheblock-edit.jpg CacheBlock is a plugin for MT4 that allows you to cache certain blocks of code to allow faster access and rebuild times.
This is due to it leveraging a couple things. First, if the system has memcache installed, then the plugin uses that to actually cache blocks of code. This makes it lightning quick to actually rebuild or create static pages since it doesn’t query the database each single referenced link. If memcache isn’t installed, then it caches the code in the database. This will still be faster than usual since one query to the database still is less than multiple queries to the database.
CacheBlock in general and depending on how you use it, will definitely speed up your publishing for Movable Type. Just takes some time to add the template code and rebuild the site. But once that’s done? Bam….. faster builds, faster action and everyone’s just dandy and happy.

Singing in the Rain remixed

There’s nothing like the classic Gene Kelly singing and dancing to Singing in the Rain. But when you’re looking for a little bit of something a bit fresher, this remix for the VW Golf GTi definitely mixes up the old with the new.

Beauty of this? The way it was done was with superimposing Gene Kelly’s head onto famous liquid dancer, David Elsewhere. Interestingly enough, you probably have seen him dance since Apple has had him in one of their iPod silhouette commercials. Either way, it’s some amazing stuff.

Fresh UI

ui.gif Fresh UI is something there that allows you to tweak and customize Windows. System settings, hardware settings, policies, applications… it does a whole lot of things for such a tiny little application.
Supports ME/95/98/NT/2000/XP.

Power to the people? Not quite

You figure that the primaries are decided by the democratic process. In fact, you would think that if people vote in one direction, that would be the voice of the people. Yet, it’s not true. There is actually a safety net put up by the political parties called “superdelegates“.
These positions were actually set up by the Democrat Party back in the 1970s for those that are not bound by caucuses and primaries, but can make a decision by allowing those that have been active in the party to have a say. Another way to look at it, is that it’s a way to keep the voting power more in the power of the party, than those that are voting..
On the flip side, the Republican National Committee does not have similar types of superdelegates so there isn’t as much power held by those in the party, but there is still some power held.
Why is this wrong in my opinion?
Well, that means that if the people vote against the party and push for a person because they’re not happy with those now in power would actually mean… not much. It means that there is enough power that you can maneuver a vote to those in the old guard, than actually for what the people want.
Either way? It sounds kind of fishy to me. Doesn’t sound very democratic. Oh well.

Windows Vista Recovery Disc

Vista.png Interestingly enough, Windows Vista media actually does serve a purpose.
Not only is it the installation medium, but it also can do many other things such as recovery of a hosed up system. Unfortunately, OEM manufacturers don’t provide the disc for free.
Microsoft realized this fact and provided the Windows Vista Recovery Disc. Fortunately this helps you recover any poof of he operating system. Ahh. Nice.

Fresh View

freshview.gif Fresh View is an interesting piece of free software for Windows. What it does is that it lets you explore image files and multimedia by organizing them and viewing them without having to actually open the files.
While this sounds great, I’m not exactly sure how this isn’t like File Explorer, except for the fact that you only only view them one at a time for multimedia. Images in icon format would definite show enough that you’d know what it was. But the nice thing about this one is that you can probably view it in a larger size.
Well, it’s not that bad, but I already have things that I already use for Windows that seem to work fine for the similar processes. But if you don’t use anything as of yet? It might be worth a shot at taking a look at it. What’s it hurt? It costs… a whole lot of nothing.

iTunes Saturday

Apple iTunes Apple iTunes

BurnAware Free Edition

burnaware.jpg If you’re looking for a free cd/dvd burning software, then look no further. BurnAware Free Edition definitely fits the bill. It can burn audio CDs from your usual music formats, it can burn your DVDs, it can even burn your ISOs. Multi-session? No problem.
In fact? How many free things for Windows have you found that support Blu-Ray? Exactly. Not much out there. Supports Windows 98 all the way to Vista. You can guarantee this is going in the big toolbox of useful applications.