Why gamers should refuse to support Clinton as a candidate

Sorry Hillary.
There are some things that I can stand by, but you’re just too much. It’s okay though. Mitt Romney apparently is buddy-buddy with you on this same topic which doesn’t give him a fighting chance in hell either.
Why? They both want to regulate the gaming industry.
Funny thing here. The regulation for games is on the same level as the regulation of movies and television currently. How many people see a lot more mature rated things on television and movies than a decade ago? Heck, the show Nip/Tuck is shown on prime-time.
If there is any regulation, it shouldn’t be against the gaming industry but instead against the parents that buy these mature games for these kids. I actually remember a time in GameStop where some little kid was trying to buy this mature rated game and the employee stopped him and his dad just looked at his kid and then smacked him a bit for getting a game like that. Truthfully, I think the dad didn’t care, but didn’t want to look stupid in public.
If anything, this is a problem against parenting, not one for regulation by government. All games are rated, and they’re clearly posted at every store upon every box. It’s no different from buying a DVD, and I don’t see people saying how we should be regulating horror films and protecting kids from movies like Hostel and the Saw series. Nothing wrong with these movies, but they depict some pretty crazy things that people could also go about doing something about. If you’re mentally unstable or you weren’t taught right, maybe you would go out and commit such atrocities too. So is the movie to blame? No.
Everyone wants to point the finger at the wrong places. Whatever happened to “it takes a village to raise a child?” Yeah. Thus, if Hillary wants to support regulation, then she doesn’t get my support. And nor should she get the support of any other knowledgeable avid gamer.
Photo Credit: (Llima)