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Movable Type plugin: Simply Threaded

mt_chron_thread-thumb-autox100.png Another great Movable Type plugin, Simply Threaded allows you the luxury of having comments that are threaded together. This means that if someone is responding to a comment, they can respond directly to the comment and have threads within the comment section instead of having to reference comments and not know where the conversation is going. This helps keep track of to whom each person is responding to and where the responses go without scratching your head and thinking… “huh?”

Movable Type plugin: Hot Date

Hot Date is this great Movable Type plugin that you can use to disable the seconds, and use a 12 hour clock (not that military time isn’t great, but some people don’t like thinking in 24 hours). You can also update the time of the post to the current time which helps immensely since sometimes you’re working on a post for a pretty long time.
You know.. the whole thought process thing. Other’s call it “writer’s block”. Whatever. In any case, the plugin comes in handy and supports MT3+ and MT4.

Music Review: Rascal Flatts – Still Feels Good

I have to say that as a person that doesn’t quite care for country music usually, Still Feels Good [affiliate] is actually very good. Mainly, the difference between this and your usual country is that Rascal Flatts falls into this new generation of county where it’s a lot more like pop music. There are still the twangs of country mixed in but the ballads and the soft songs make … well, they’re the songs that make girls swoon.
You know the types. In any case, if you’re looking for a bit more romance type of music and you got a country gal, then this is probably a pretty good fit. It wouldn’t make you freak out either if you’ve not cared for any country music before.
It’s also interesting to note that in my not-so-professional opinion, it’s interesting that some country music is moving towards this route of more pop/rock music but still maintaining some of the twangs of country. Very interesting stuff, and it’s a very good way to get people that normally would not give country a second thought, a look into that genre.
If you’re looking to buy the album, it’s everywhere including iTunes.

Rascal Flatts - Still Feels Good


synctunes.jpg SyncTunes did something for me that a lot of other freeware for MacOSX could not. It can sync your iTunes to all sorts of devices, but for me, it was mainly my PSP. Why did I need my iTunes on my PSP? Beats. Yes, that lovely game needed more songs to play.
SyncTunes itself is actually in a pretty GUI and pretty easy to use. There are a couple things that I would have done differently. For instance, as far as I can tell you can’t designate where the music is synchronized. There are predetermined places, but you can’t customize a preference that I can tell. Also, there are AAC volumes currently that do not play for Beats, but do play on the PSP as music. The conversion from AAC to mp3 doesn’t quite work for newer volumes unfortunately. It’s also not very clear with keeping tracks on your device (Use Merge to keep, and Replace to change out all the music in that directory).
All in all, this version of SyncTunes is totally worthwhile mainly because it’s one of the few freeware for synchronizing music and still has a decently easy GUI to work with. Definitely worth looking at if you’re in need of some music love from your Mac.


noobprooficon.gif NoobProof is like its big brother, WaterRoof, but it has a five step wizard that basically configures the ipfw firewall for your Mac. It doesn’t quite have the options that WaterRoof has but it definitely makes it easy to set up security for those that are not very security conscious.
Open source for MacOSX.

Do stock analysts have accreditation?

As we step into this Christmas Eve while the markets are closed, I have to wonder.
Is there a stock market accreditation type thing that analysts have to go through? I mean seriously. Why do we give so much credit to what some one guy has to say when they obviously more often than not, have no clue what the company is doing.
I’ll give you an example. Taking all of the relevant names out, I know of a CEO that has recently stepped down. What’s interesting is that a certain product’s credit was given to this CEO when in reality, only the launch of this product was done during the CEO’s reign. The actual development and projects started a long time before this CEO even had placed his foot in the door of the company. So why did he get any credit at all? He didn’t do anything. Sure, he lead the company, but not the product. Baffles my mind.
Yet, due to some guy on the market saying, this or that (which more often only has half the story), the market price rises or plunges because these people dictate where the market is going. Why?
When I go to my doctor, they have to go through rigorous training and acquire a license to actually give their professional opinion. When I go to my attorney, he also has gone through many years of training and licensed to give his professional opinion. Same with my accountant.
So if as just a general guy sitting here, wondering why my stocks are being effected by someone that doesn’t even know the back stories about the companies they’re talking about and yet the knowledge can be found easily, one have to wonder if they’re intentionally gaming the system to their advantage or if there is truly accreditation for stock market analysis. If there is, then I’m saddened.
Why? If my doctor made judgments the way analysts make about the market, I would probably have taken medicine for the wrong type of illness since the doctor didn’t look into all of the issues. It’s like taking morphine for a headache. Very strange. Strange indeed.


waterrooficon.gif WaterRoof is a MacOSX ipfw firewall manager in a GUI format. Open source, this advanced settings configurator can take care of pretty much everything from NAT, ports, watch the logs, and lots more. It even has a wizard for fast configuration, or you can just a predefined rule set.
Beauty of this is how many options it has and how easily to access the interface. Within minutes, you can change up your firewall on your Mac and be watching statistics. Beats doing it the old fashioned way via commandline.

Family Friendly Blog Badge

family_seal_badge.gif My good pal, TD, found this little interesting thing to check if your blog is indeed “friendly” for families or if there is adult content.
It runs yours your site and I’m guessing filters out a keyword list. If you match to that keyword list, then you probably get the Adults badge. Go figure, LUX is family friendly! ha.
Besides going through a keyword list, I’m not really sure how this exactly authenticates that your site is indeed family friendly. I mean, it doesn’t exactly know if there are mature rated pictures on there that I can tell unless there’s some serious analysis code via PHP that I’m not seeing. And I somewhat seriously doubt it. I find the hosting site kind of amusing too.

Why gamers should refuse to support Clinton as a candidate

Sorry Hillary.
There are some things that I can stand by, but you’re just too much. It’s okay though. Mitt Romney apparently is buddy-buddy with you on this same topic which doesn’t give him a fighting chance in hell either.
Why? They both want to regulate the gaming industry.
Funny thing here. The regulation for games is on the same level as the regulation of movies and television currently. How many people see a lot more mature rated things on television and movies than a decade ago? Heck, the show Nip/Tuck is shown on prime-time.
If there is any regulation, it shouldn’t be against the gaming industry but instead against the parents that buy these mature games for these kids. I actually remember a time in GameStop where some little kid was trying to buy this mature rated game and the employee stopped him and his dad just looked at his kid and then smacked him a bit for getting a game like that. Truthfully, I think the dad didn’t care, but didn’t want to look stupid in public.
If anything, this is a problem against parenting, not one for regulation by government. All games are rated, and they’re clearly posted at every store upon every box. It’s no different from buying a DVD, and I don’t see people saying how we should be regulating horror films and protecting kids from movies like Hostel and the Saw series. Nothing wrong with these movies, but they depict some pretty crazy things that people could also go about doing something about. If you’re mentally unstable or you weren’t taught right, maybe you would go out and commit such atrocities too. So is the movie to blame? No.
Everyone wants to point the finger at the wrong places. Whatever happened to “it takes a village to raise a child?” Yeah. Thus, if Hillary wants to support regulation, then she doesn’t get my support. And nor should she get the support of any other knowledgeable avid gamer.
Photo Credit: (Llima)

Yahoo! Shortcuts Beta

yahooshortcuts.gif Yahoo! has recently released a WordPress plugin called Yahoo! Shortcuts into beta.
This plugin takes all that is beautiful from Yahoo! and places it within reach of your blog. Basically what it does is it allows you to enhance blog posts with pictures from Flickr, and the search and maps and other parts of Yahoo! itself. Then you can use that content to enhance your posts. Personally, I’m not fond of the whole Intellitext type links, but the embedding of images and useful information as badges is definitely a “fall in love at first sight” type of blogging tool.
I definitely recommend playing with this. Let me put it this way. It doesn’t hurt anything and makes your posts a lot more user friendly. So why not?