Music Review: Rascal Flatts – Still Feels Good

I have to say that as a person that doesn’t quite care for country music usually, Still Feels Good [affiliate] is actually very good. Mainly, the difference between this and your usual country is that Rascal Flatts falls into this new generation of county where it’s a lot more like pop music. There are still the twangs of country mixed in but the ballads and the soft songs make … well, they’re the songs that make girls swoon.
You know the types. In any case, if you’re looking for a bit more romance type of music and you got a country gal, then this is probably a pretty good fit. It wouldn’t make you freak out either if you’ve not cared for any country music before.
It’s also interesting to note that in my not-so-professional opinion, it’s interesting that some country music is moving towards this route of more pop/rock music but still maintaining some of the twangs of country. Very interesting stuff, and it’s a very good way to get people that normally would not give country a second thought, a look into that genre.
If you’re looking to buy the album, it’s everywhere including iTunes.

Rascal Flatts - Still Feels Good