MPAA gets fed a little bit of their own copyright medicine

MPAA had a toolkit that was based on Xubuntu. By Ubuntu’s license, you must share the source of derivative works (got to love GPL). Well, it seems like after calls and emails and lack of response, an Ubuntu developer did the “obnoxious behavior” of contacting the ISP that hosted the file had a DMCA takedown issue issued.
What’s interesting is that you would have thought an organization that has made their reputation known by enforcing copyright, did not in fact follow the same copyright procedures on the same. There has been a lot of other contraversy surrounding the development of this software as being misleading. Mantech International will probably be pushed to abide by these copyright notices but at the moment, it seems like the MPAA website has the link down.
Curious as to what this toolkit did? And why it raised a lot of privacy concerns until this little ironic twist happened? Take a look.