Movie Review: The Number 23

Funny man Jim Carrey takes on a pretty serious role in The Number 23. Walter Sparrow (Carrey) begins to see parallels between him and a character in a book his wife buys him called, The Number 23. The main character Fingerling, is a detective that continues to see this number show up again and again after investigating a woman named “The Suicide Blonde”. What’s interesting is that Sparrow not only draws himself right into the storyline, but we as the viewers, begin to watch him insert himself directly into the novel. There is plenty of plot twists and turns in this movie.
What’s interesting is not only the interesting interpretation to get The number of the Beast, but the seriousness that Carrey plays as Sparrow. At first, I wasn’t too sure that I would actually like this movie because Carrey is known as a smart alecky funny guy. But after seeing this movie, it was definitely a turning point to show that he is also a very talented actor.
If you’re looking for a good psychological thriller, The Number 23 is sure not to disappoint.