Live Free or Die Hard

Ahh. Live Free or Die Hard (Unrated Edition) [affiliate] is another great addition to the already nutty series, Die Hard.
John McClane (Willis) is sent after hacker boy Matthew Farrell (Long), after hackers keep dying in a six hour period and someone had broken into the FBI remotely. What’s interesting is that this whole movie plays off of a pretty realistic threat that is possible, but probably not plausible. In it, the national security for most things is threatened because of remote entry and poorly managed government services along with agencies being too tight-lipped to share information across the board with other agencies in a time of crisis. Sound familiar? It should, considering some people have actually said these things.
In any case, McClane is fighting off crazy people left and right but in the end, he is only trying to do something because no one else will do it. He’s a tired soul whom is not appreciated and his personal life is falling apart, but he still trudges on.
If anyone hasn’t seen this movie, they need to do so. It’s action-packed from beginning to end and actually threw on some pictures that looked very much like X-windows at the beginning. In any case, it was action throughout the whole thing and you’re holding your seat while laughing at the dry sense of humor that McClane throws at the baddies and wince when he gets beaten up some more.
Thumbs up for another McClane hit. Thumbs up for Live Free or Die Hard.