Illegal immigrants getting in-state tuiton? WHA???

I first heard about this little tidbit of news from a buddy of mine.
First reaction was: “WHAAA??”
And I still stand by that reaction. Here’s the thing. While it sounds like these administrators for both the community colleges and now the UNC system are trying to make it affordable for people to get an education… let’s face it. This is a money play, than a good will play.
With in-state tuition on the rise, I have no clue how you’re going to get illegal immigrants to prove their residency not to mention there are a number of things such as SAT scores, and transcripts. It’s easy enough to obtain forged documentation to get work here, so what’s to say that this wouldn’t just create a black market for these types of documents? And how do you know that people would be taking advantage of this opportunity?
Personally, I think it’s a shoddy deal. Let’s face it. Those of us that are residents, don’t even take advantage of the in-state tuition enough. What’s to say that illegals would? They came here for jobs, and maybe a better life, but they probably didn’t come for an education. On top of that, just try pulling financial aid. How do you think these illegals will be paying for this education?
This opens a whole new can of worms and one that I just can’t see people standing by and watching from the sidelines. As a child of immigrants that came legally, I have to say that it seems like it demeans the whole legal process of coming into the country if you provide rights to illegals that are similar to those that are here legally.
Not sure what people will do about this, but I can tell you that it sure sounds like a crock if I’ve ever heard of one.