IconBuffet spamming again… 3 months later

iconbuffet-20071204-01.jpg Argh. IconBuffet is spamming me. Again. What’s interesting is that from the onset, they seem to be abiding by CAN-SPAM. Until you try to actually get rid of the email notifications and it doesn’t work.
Obviously they haven’t fixed this issue yet. They probably don’t even care. Not really great of them to ignore an obvious bug such as this either.
And in case you figure that I haven’t given them the benefit of the doubt each time that this has happened (the last was in August), I’ve documented two other instances here and here.
Yes, notifications is unchecked. And they still send notification emails? Right. Can someone say, violation of CAN-SPAM? Yes, we can. And it’s amazing that they still haven’t fixed their code on this. What’s it going to take? The day that Google blacklists them for being spammers? The day someone from CAN-SPAM slaps them with a fine? I mean, seriously. If you’re going to push a great service, make sure you don’t break any laws. Either that, or test your code to make sure it actually works. Obviously here, it doesn’t.
Once, IconBuffet was really out there for me. These days? I can’t but help get annoyed that they offer a great service but can’t even find the time to actually pay attention to a rather significant detail such as email notification not working correctly. Or in this case, non-notification.