iAXE393 USB Guitar by Behringer

I’ve always wanted to play guitar. Especially electric. Figured that it couldn’t be that hard, since you have frets and I was classically trained on the violin.
So when I saw the iAXE393 USB Guitar by Behringer [affiliate] come out, I was like… “oooooh.”
It comes with a carrying case, and a 10 watt amp and supports Mac or PC. And you just plug the sucker into your USB port and you can add tracks for backup or just record your music direct to the computer. Since you can do multitrack editing, I’m assuming that it also supports GarageBand, but I’m not definite. And for two hundred smackers, it’s actually not a terrible price. Not sure as far as the quality of the guitar and would probably have to defer to someone that would actually know.
Forget Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Give me the real thing to get my rock on!