FedEx doesn’t care about shipping instructions

I’m actually not really surprised.
At reading this complaint from Consumerist about how FedEx doesn’t follow instructions. I had a similar issue with them with the local regional office which took me over two weeks to get a package that just would not get delivered because they claimed no one would sign for it (my complex signs for everything for tenants). Two weeks for what was supposed to be two day shipping.
Interestingly enough, the only issues I’ve ever had ever has been with FedEx. Even where it was specifically noted to not have the package left unless someone was there to sign for it (paid for in that manner), the FedEx guy would drop it off and say that someone released it.
Sorry, but I refuse to work with anyone that also only uses FedEx as the only shipper. Their customer service, at least in the local regional office sucks and they couldn’t care less. While I know that all shippers have their horror stories at the loading docks, UPS has never failed to protect my packages and follow instructions. I even asked the UPS guy that works my complex to leave my packages instead of having people sign for it, and he said that it’s against their policy to do so since it increases theft. Good for you, UPS.