Do stock analysts have accreditation?

As we step into this Christmas Eve while the markets are closed, I have to wonder.
Is there a stock market accreditation type thing that analysts have to go through? I mean seriously. Why do we give so much credit to what some one guy has to say when they obviously more often than not, have no clue what the company is doing.
I’ll give you an example. Taking all of the relevant names out, I know of a CEO that has recently stepped down. What’s interesting is that a certain product’s credit was given to this CEO when in reality, only the launch of this product was done during the CEO’s reign. The actual development and projects started a long time before this CEO even had placed his foot in the door of the company. So why did he get any credit at all? He didn’t do anything. Sure, he lead the company, but not the product. Baffles my mind.
Yet, due to some guy on the market saying, this or that (which more often only has half the story), the market price rises or plunges because these people dictate where the market is going. Why?
When I go to my doctor, they have to go through rigorous training and acquire a license to actually give their professional opinion. When I go to my attorney, he also has gone through many years of training and licensed to give his professional opinion. Same with my accountant.
So if as just a general guy sitting here, wondering why my stocks are being effected by someone that doesn’t even know the back stories about the companies they’re talking about and yet the knowledge can be found easily, one have to wonder if they’re intentionally gaming the system to their advantage or if there is truly accreditation for stock market analysis. If there is, then I’m saddened.
Why? If my doctor made judgments the way analysts make about the market, I would probably have taken medicine for the wrong type of illness since the doctor didn’t look into all of the issues. It’s like taking morphine for a headache. Very strange. Strange indeed.