beats.png I’m proud of Sony. Finally. You can’t tell how long I’ve waited for them to do something actually decent for once.
Beats is it. This is a rhythm game similar to the style of Dance Dance Revolution, or a very very similar homebrew game that those in the PSP scene would know about. The included music and graphics is very similar to the type of plasma graphics that you would have seen in the likes of Lumines and such as background. The music is actually pretty upbeat and very intriguing.
But for a five dollar rhythm game, that’s not why it’s so great. Let me tell you why. You can take music you already have on your PSP and create your own custom type rhythm games. You can create your own jam sessions and share them with an online community. For five dollars, there is actually an infinite number of possibilities for game play. And that makes it absolutely fascinating and wonderful.
You can even play ad-hoc cooperatively or competitively with up to four players. Worth every single penny and more. The question is…. will Sony be releasing more games like this? If so, then they might be back on track finally to take on the system lords of console online gaming community, Microsoft.