Anime Watch: Speed Grapher

I’ve been putting off writing this review of Speed Grapher Complete DVD Set. Not because it’s not good. In actuality, this anime was probably one of the few that is amazingly great. But the thing that has been holding me back has been the sexuality within it. The whole storyline with Saiga and Kagura is strangely sexual. Well, not so strange, but very much so. The love from Kagura to Saiga is strange considering her age. The actual powers of Saiga correspond with the rest of the horror, supernatural feel of this drama.
Saiga apparently gets infected with a virus that basically enhances supernatural abilities within people that bastardizes what they love the most. For Saiga, since he was happiest when taking pictures as a war photographer, his camera would basically destroy whatever he took.
But there is an underlying story with Speed Grapher outside of the immediate surface layer. It also talks about the materialism and capitalism of the Japanese society and how wealth has corrupted the rich and the means that they go to in trying to keep up their lifestyles. The whole story is about how to uncover the dirty truth of the wealthy.