Yugma Skype edition

yugma.jpg Buddy of mine tweeted about Yugma’s Skype edition, which was supposedly a plugin for both Windows and Mac for desktop sharing. Sounded pretty cool, so I grabbed myself a copy to test it out since it was free to have.
It is rather an interesting little application. I say application because at least for the Mac, it’s not a plugin per say. You can’t launch it from the Mac Skype from anything I can find and the integration part is pretty lousy (you can launch the application outside of Skype itself). It does however allow you to contact your Skype contacts and allow you to desktop share with them, which is interesting. The installation also was one of the slowest I’ve ever seen for a plugin of any sort. Makes you wonder when a plugin should act like a plugin, but doesn’t.
So the concept is great, but the implementation needs some work. Free is always good though. Maybe the Windows version fared better but I didn’t bother to try and find out. Will probably keep it around just to mess with if I have the need to desktop share.