Why universal healthcare is evil

As a young American, I hear all the time about how Social Security won’t exist by the time I’m old.
Why is that? Because middle class America would front the bill and it happens to be a flawed concept. Why should working individuals pay for healthcare of the elderly of society? Shouldn’t it be a “put it away for when you’re old” concept? In any case, we’re probably in it for the worst.
Now there’s all this talk about universal healthcare. Again.
First, let’s take a look at who benefits from this. The pharmaceutical industry along with the insurance industry. What better way to get people hooked on their products, than to mandate a universal policy. Big Pharma? Benefit. Big Insurance? Benefit. Illegal immigrants? Benefit. Low income? Benefit. Middle class? Eh. What benefit?
The fact is: you’ll be paying premiums that would probably double what you do now, for the same care. Mainly because there just isn’t enough money to go around so the biggest group of payers will pay the most. That’s us. Middle class America. And frankly with my premiums having raised in the last five years probably 50-75%, I’m not looking to shell out anymore to the insurance industry when there is no benefit to me at all. And to boot, I have probably one of the better corporate healthcare plans out there. I hate to see what others have been paying in the last five years.
So how is this any better than Social Security? I’m paying for other people that does not directly benefit me. In fact, it doesn’t even indirectly benefit me. It’s a very poorly thought out plan that on paper, is ideal and wonderful but in reality, has plenty of loopholes for big businesses to reap in billions.
I really can’t see this as a good platform to stand on for politics. It’s happened every four years, and I can’t see it ever happening here unless you want to destroy the middle class as we know it. Perhaps that’s the goal. Who knows. In any case, all I can say is that based on what I know and what I pay, there is no way I’d support anyone that campaigns for it.