Vista not on most IT professionals minds?

I can’t really say that I’m surprised. But in a study conducted by King Research, 90% of IT professionals refuse to push Microsoft Vista due to stability, cost and other issues. What’s interesting about this is that Vista supposedly is much more stable than XP although I have yet to see this proven since XP has been around and been smoothed out.
Having seen some of the tests done with Vista personally, I can say that it’s even more of a resource hog than XP ever was and XP was bad when it came out. That along with MacOSX becoming more than a fad, and linux finally getting easier with easy to use distributions such as Ubuntu, Vista has a lot more competition on its hands.
Just take a look at what’s sold at Walmart. Linux computers?? Yeah. The high-end is dominated by Macs now. I have even moved to a Mac after years of Windows. It’s just part of the shift in ideals. Microsoft came out with a product that was just as, if not more, bloated. Users now have more choices. It’s the way of competition. Unfortunately, these studies don’t help at all with Microsoft’s case.