twitterrific_icon.png I couldn’t be talking about Twitter, without speaking about the most famed MacOSX client now could I? Twitterific is THE client to use if you have a Mac. At least that’s how it was taken a when it first came out.
Currently with the latest version, I have to say that IconFactory does a fantastic job with interface design. It’s very clean and the footprint is incredibly small. This makes for a great application. The free basic version runs ads every hour and if that bothers you a whole lot, you can shell out $14.95. It’s really non-intrusive though much like the interspersed ads in Facebook feeds. Your replies and direct messages are colored differently for you to follow as you wish.
While it’s beautiful, I have to say that the Quit functionality had me annoyed a little bit when it was menu itemed. There was no way to kill the process unless it’s on your dockbar, which isn’t a huge deal but it did get me at the beginning. I also would love to see who’s following me, have a way to follow others, perhaps and perhaps even control multiple twitter accounts at the same time. Hey, you have to ask for features eh?
Will I be replacing this client with any others? Probably unlikely. The new interface is pretty snazzy in 3.0 and I’m sure the guys at Iconfactory have more things in store for this client.