The somewhat genius of the Golden Shield

Before people get all huffy about this, no, I am not promoting the awesomeness of censorship. But quite on the technical side of it, the Golden Shield is actually a pretty brilliant design. The Golden Shield Project (金盾工程) is the routing and firewall project more commonly known as The Great Firewall of China.
In doing some research for my 8Asians post on the Great Firewall, I realized that the Chinese are incorporating some tactics that is more well known to the hacker underground more against what security firms defend against instead of using as a means to keep things “inside”. And in doing something like this, it’s using what is usually used as an offensive tactic as a defensive one.
I mean seriously. Who uses DNS poisoning against your own network? The blacklists and IP blocks used is common firewall practices, but some of the ways being used is totally unconventional. Even the fact that 8Asians itself is blocked in some places and not others means that the site hasn’t made it to the master blacklist, but is being routed differently and blocked by different means at different places within China.
It might be used to keep its people in check, and censor its users, but the technology behind Golden Shield? Still a pretty dang interesting one.