Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror stars Gabe Logan, a guy that’s always decked out in full body armor, whom works for The Agency. Basically, it’s a game of espionage where you go in and fight with “over-the-shoulder” type combat.
I will say that having played the game over a weekend, it’s pretty dang amazing. Most games such as these, even the best ones, are pretty short. Something about fighting games where game developers don’t like to spend time on having a pretty good plot and a really long storyline. But those that do it well, like Konami’s Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops, make record sales.
Well, I can say that Syphon Filter really does well here. The storyline is actually fairly long and the scenarios are not the same ole’ scene, over and over. That makes it pretty interesting. They even do a switch-up and have you play as Lian, Gabe’s partner in The Agency for a few missions. That’s really changing it up.
While the graphics are not as well done as MGS:PO, you lose sight of that with all of the combat scenarios. There are enough different types of weapons to not be bored, and one of the more interesting things is to search for new weapons or even try your hand at hand-to-hand combat.
This game might be an older game, especially with Logan’s Shadow on its way out, but it’s not bad to pick this one up at your local game store if you don’t have it already.