North Carolina again misses out on Child’s Play charity

This bugs the hell out of me. When the charity Child’s Play first started, I was so excited. Finally a charity for children that I could get involved with… especially being a gamer.
And a gamer at heart, I thought that it was tragic that we didn’t have anything similar at Brenner’s Children’s Hospital which is the closest Children’s Hospital to my area. So I contacted them. Again. and Again.
And again, this year it’s amazing that there’s not a single children’s hospital in North Carolina that is signed up with this charity. Gamer’s supported! There is absolutely no cost to the hospital. Yet, they just won’t take up the offer. And I don’t now why.
Sorry kids. I’m pretty beat. The first two years of absolutely no response basically has me canned. I’m hoping that someone else picks up this effort since there’s absolutely no reason to NOT SIGN UP. It’s an extra effort to help rehabilitation and those that are caught during the holiday seasons. Should there be any reason for the denials? And why? I never got a response either way so I assume that no one at Brenner’s cared at all since the first year, not even the lady in charge of these issues bothered to even return a call.
Pretty sad. A great charity that North Carolina gamers will once again miss out on supporting something close to home. So to you kids, I apologize on behalf of all NC gamers that no one in those hospital administration seems to really care if you’re stuck there.