Movie Review: The Reaping

I was definitely intrigued by this movie when it came out in the theaters. I mean, who doesn’t like horror type movies about the Old Testament? In fact, one of the most contraversial when it comes to interpretation is Revelation. And The Reaping is definitely one of those where it gives you some pretty darned interesting perspectives.
Yes, there is a pretty awesome twist at the end and I won’t spill it but it definitely had be in my seat. I thought this movie would be really terrible actually from reading some of the critic reviews. While not as knowing of certain parts of the Biblical symbols such as the upside down sickle being the sign of Satan (which is actually an inverted astrological sign for Ceres), and so on, it was definitely a very interesting look at things.
One distinct note though. I’ve found that most faith or strange stories about faith usually surround small towns in the South. Why is that? This film’s storyline was based in the small town of Haven, outside of Baton Rouge, Lousiana. Strange, isn’t it?
For those that are open minded enough to watch and know that this movie is not a criticism of faith, and rather an interesting way to view one of the last books of the Old Testament, I would have to say that this was definitely on the top of my list. For those that are afraid of some Satanic references? Probably stay away from this movie. One thing for sure. Those that have rented the movie from Netflix definitely agree with me.