Movie Review: Frailty

Incredible psychological thriller.
Frailty itself is about a story of a family where the father was “chosen by God” to destroy demons on this earth. Both his sons were to be agents of God also and fight this war. What was interesting is that the whole movie has you in suspense although I pretty much called what was going to happen in the end after the first twenty minutes or so.
I can definitely tell you that there are many twists and plot thickening type areas in this movie without throwing it all away. Based on my initial reaction, it just wasn’t as good a movie but after finishing it, it was definitely way better than I originally thought it would be.
There really isn’t gore although the subject matter is pretty brutal and dreadful, and some potty-mouth language that little kids shouldn’t hear if you’re even thinking about allowing them to see this. It was definitely interesting since the storyline is based in a small Southern town. What I love about movies such as this one is that it’s not based on the gorefest to actually keep you on your toes but instead, gets you to think about what could be going on and where it might change and if the supposedly good guy is the bad guy, and vice versa.
Definitely worth the rental.