Karen’s Replicator

karensreplicator.jpg Karen’s Replicator is much like a lot of backup utilities… it copies a duplicate copy of your data to another target area.
What’s interesting about this product is how old it is, but also the features. You can designate different times that different files are copied, or not copied, or copied when changed, or even progressive copying. There are many different features of just backing up data that could be useful depending on what you need to do.
One significant note is that due to the age of the program, this is written in Visual Basic. Yes, that Visual Basic. 6.0. Crazy isn’t it. I actually wrote a couple VB programs ages ago, but I haven’t seen 6.0 code for a long long time. That should give you a pretty good idea that obviously people find this pretty darn useful to have kept it around for so long.