Intec Wii AV & S Cable

I bought the Intec Wii AV & S cable a while back since I needed a higher durability type cable for when I go traveling with my Wii. The beautiful thing about this cable is that it’s it is very well made, and the pins are gold plated.
It has your usual svideo, the left/right audio, and the video outputs. Input is via the Wii regular connector. Don’t pay any attention to the description where it says an optical input is included since there isn’t one. It’s exactly how the picture looks (and you don’t see an optical connector or input there do ya?).
The one problem I have with this cable is that when I connected it to my AV switch box, it didn’t like it since the pins seems just a tad longer or something so the signal was bad. I checked it on another connector and there were no issues so I assume that my initial thoughts on it are actually correct. Either way, it’s never failed and so far I’m happy using it as a portable console cable along with the Wii wireless sensor bar.