Gackt is on iTunes!

That’s right. iTunes, unknowingly to myself, has somehow or another added Gackt?
I mean seriously. This is the best find I’ve had in a while when it comes to jpop and jrock music.
Gackt, now in his solo career, is the idol of many Japanese fan girls. His persona is of a 400+ year old vampire of which he has kept up for years. The androgenous singer was lead singer for Malice Mizer, and now S.K.I.N.. His deep voice is probably one of the most gorgeous ones I’ve heard from many male singers in the Japanese music industry and definitely rocks the charts. He now does a little of everything, from acting to his usual singing. Such is that of the asian celebrity industry.
So if you were looking, look no further. Just click iTunes button to open up the vast treasure that awaits us all in the world of jpop/jrock.


Photo Credit: (Mullenkedheim)