Education in the US should only be taught in English

Yes. It’s strange coming from the children of immigrants. Well, you might see it as that way.
But I don’t believe that public education in the US should be taught in any language but English. Here’s my beef with the latest trend to teach immigrants in Spanish or whatever other language. ESL was there way before myself, and is probably still around. I never saw many ESL students growing up actually bother to learn English well and I grew up in a community where Asians were pretty much a dominant minority.
But when my parents came to the United States, no one gave them an easier time about learning English. In fact, it’s true with most Asians, we taught ourselves and eventually made it out just fine. Without signs at Lowe’s or Home Depot in Chinese. Was I stricken from a better education in the public school system? Not a chance.
English being my first language, but Mandarin is a close second, and I speak both fluently. What was interesting is that I even spoke in English every day at school, but only spoke Mandarin at home. So why do we waste tax dollars teaching full classes in other languages when that money can be spent on bettering schools themselves? I speak both tongues fluently and most children would not have an issue adjusting. It would be better spent money paying teachers better wages than to dream up programs that seem to me as cop out type programs because the school administrators don’t know what to do with ESL students.
The basic thought here? I know this is the land of opportunity. More so than anyone given the fact that the color of my skin is evidence in itself. But no one handed it to Asians on a silver platter. We made out fine. You work hard to gain things in this world, that’s what the American dream is about. Not providing the easy way out.