BoingBoing’s RSS ads are really driving me nuts


I truly don’t mind advertisement. Everything in the world does it, and floating one here and there is part of the Internet game of making money.
But last night things changed for one of my most favored sites for crazy reading. BoingBoing went online with The IT Room ads in their RSS feeds. But it wasn’t this post or that post.
Not only does it take up a great deal of screen real estate, but for every single post, you have to see a stupid block that breaks your reading. Mark everything as read all, and go to next source. It’s a terrible marketing or technical ploy on whomever implemented that one. The goal isn’t to drive your readers away, it’s to tastefully integrate ads so your users will not be annoyed by them, but perhaps even look at them because of the integration. Key word here is tastefully. If you must do RSS feed ads, then at least scatter them.
Unfortunately, this was not the case. Unfortunate too since I won’t be bothering to read any posts the moment I see that ad. Oh well. Live and learn, eh?