Black Friday fails me yet another year

The problem with Black Friday? The gimmicks are getting old.
All these stores have a few number of items to try and attract a record number of customers, and then complain when their wasn’t enough sales to beat out the year before. You know what? Using the couple of super-low priced items just doesn’t do it. Seriously.
Think about it. Even if the stores covered say, the sales tax completely for one single day, that would not only be a minimal bump in their bottom line but it would increase their sales significantly. It would bring REGULAR customers in all day long instead of bargain hunters ready to pounce at daybreak and to leave your store in a lurch and in the red still.
If there was any store that was slightly on top of this concept, it was Gamestop. They usually have a buy 2 get 1 free for used games sale every so often for a weekend. They just happened to put it on Black Friday’s weekend. Brilliant move. From a business perspective, there was no gimmick, but a regular sale item that most customers wouldn’t have anticipated.
The main thought here? Gimmicks don’t work unless it’s an added value. Gimmicks work in bringing more customers but your biggest ratio of sales to people comes from the full day event. Thus, there just has to be an “event” instead of just sitting around trying to figure out why no one bothered to go shopping.
It’ really isn’t about consumer confidence and how people are strapping down because of recession. Really. If you believe that, you believe in a lot more hokey than I do. Because I had no issues opening my wallet for the Christmas season…. if there were actually decent sales of things I needed to buy. Alas, the brick & mortar stores failed me yet another year. Thank goodness for the Internet.