Anime Watch: Tsukihime Lunar Legend

Based on the hit manga series, Lunar Legend Tsukihime, Vol. 1-3 is a twelve episode long anime about Shiki Tohno, a teenager that can see deathlines of which if they are cut, will destroy whatever the line resides in. Apparently this was an aftereffect of a terrible accident that he had as a child, and a mage Aoko Aozaki, gives him some glasses that takes away the sight of the deathlines. Unfortunately his past catches up with him, and eventually is forced to confront the accident of his childhood as different people start showing up in his life.
I must say that this particular anime was pretty good, but very slow. I didn’t miss out on much as it progressed and it took much of the twelve episodes to explain what was going on. By the end, it was getting a lot better and then the anime ends. Action wise, it could have used a little more push and moved forward just a bit more quickly.
In case anyone is confused as to if this has to do with the game Lunar Legend, I can tell you that it doesn’t. The storylines are fairly different. From a vampire perspective, it gives a spin on how vampiric lore came to be and why certain people had different powers. Actually it is in this part of the plot that I was more drawn towards since the high school drama parts were yawn driven. All in all? A good anime series, but not a great one.