A clean design will propel traffic to your site

It’s interesting that people will use whatever default template or what not for their site without tweaking it this way or that. But webmasters are constantly tweaking sites to gain more traffic if you haven’t pulled over a certain type of high water mark.
Guess what? Easiest thing in the world. A clean design will drive traffic off the bat.
I know it sounds really simple right? Perhaps. I can tell you that with a site that I haven’t launched yet, it took me over three months and browsing thousands of templates and themes to find the one that would suit my needs. Even then, there still are countless number of hours to actually tweak it to do what I believe will be the maximum marketing angle.
And that’s the key. If you’re looking for traffic, it’s not the flashy Flash based things that a lot of people from non-web advertising think is the key. You have to gain traffic from search engines and aggregators. Best way to do that is through clean design. Clean doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty, but it does mean that certain things work better than others.