Want Google’s attention? Put in a sitemap

You have a new website up? Old one just doesn’t get the kick in the pants you thought it would?
Are you just trying to get noticed by any search engine, or even Google? Seriously. Get a sitemap. Building sitemaps really depend on what type of site you’re doing, since some blog software actually generate them for you, while others you have to install a tool that does it. Either way though, a sitemap is incredibly important if you want search engines to actually take a look at your site.
What is a sitemap? Think of it as a directory board in an office complex. Sure, a person could go from door to door finding out who does what. Or they could just read the directory board. In this case, it would be the search engine bots, and the sitemap file.
Google even provides a way to verify your sitemap and have it set up for their bots to peruse.
Sounds simple, but it’s one of the easiest ways to start moving up in the search engine realms.