System of checks and balances

politics.png It’s amazing how what you learned when you were a child doesn’t hold true anymore.
Remember back in the day, when you were learning about how the government works and how there is a system of checks and balances? The greatness of the American government was that it was a three point system. The legislative branch and the executive branch are both elected by the people. The judiciary was appointed but each had their own movement and checked one another.
Yet, when you take a look at the real world of politics, this amazingly enough is far from the truth. The judiciary branch is probably the most independent of the two, but legislative and executive seem to have changed to a Democrat vs. Republican type of scenario.
The war on Iraq is a great example. First, we were all for going into Iraq because the majority of the legislative branch was Republican. Then in 2006 when the Democrats took the slim majority, we’re now against being in Iraq. Regardless of how you feel about the war itself, the system of checks and balances isn’t a system anymore. It seems more like political party finger pointing with a dash of righteousness by either side.
It’s unfortunately that people can’t stand aside from the political parties when in Congress or the executive branch and just look out for the best interest of the American people anymore. Checks and balances? Why don’t we just call it a system of Republicans and Democrats? That’s truly what it is.