Sony anti-piracy chief says you steal if you copy one track. Period.

piracy.jpg Sony anti-piracy chief, Jennifer Pariser, says that if you copy one single track from any medium even if you bought it, you’re stealing
What’s interesting is that people have such short memories when it comes to hypocritical items that pertain to the same subject. You want a double standard? How about the lecture that Warner Music’s CEO gave to one of his kids almost a year ago because they were pirating music?
Let’s be fair now. If those in the RIAA want to chase people down for “theft” then justice must be served too right? Send one of those kids to the slammer along with the rest of the people. If that child only got a lecture then everyone else should only get that too. It’s amusing that people find it to be okay as long as it doesn’t pertain to them. Be consistent in my opinion.