PC Tools Firewall Plus

pctoolsfirewallplus.jpg There are many firewalls that beat out the Windows default firewall. Still many that do a better job than the Windows default firewall. But this next thing? Not as many.
That would be…. free. Yes, PC Tools Firewall Plus is free for Windows.
The updates are smart, there are no silly questions to answer to actually teach your firewall, and if you’re a crazy advanced user that wants some more control in adding some advanced rule sets, you’re welcome to do so. Basically blocks a lot of things including trojans and backdoors.
I’m not certain how it determines without question that something is a legitimate application that’s running and asking for a network connection or not, but that’s definitely an interesting thought and makes the end user’s life a lot easier. I would imagine that they probably use heuristic methods and also compare the applications against signatures for trojans and the like.
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