Pandora Recovery

pandora_recovery.jpg You ever accidentally delete some files that you didn’t mean to delete? Even emptied the Recycle Bin and then went.. “oh no!….”
Pandora Recovery is for you then.
Basically what it does is … when you delete a file in Windows which uses a FAT32 or NTFS filesystem, it doesn’t really get deleted. It’s actually marked in the table for deletion and as long as you have the space, then the free space will used before deleted marks. That means that actual data might not be written over yet with fresh data and thus recoverable. Using this methodology, you can basically recover any data that is pretty freshly deleted.
Unfortunately, this doesn’t save everything and the longer it goes and the more things you “write to disk” the more likelihood that you’ll have a corrupted file during recovery. What’s nice about Pandora Recovery is that it also gives you an estimation of recovery success, does different methods of trying to recover the data, allows you to see everything that was deleted, and it supports anything from WIndows 2000 to Vista.
Good stuff when it comes to recovering lost photos or documentation.