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iTunes Saturday

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simplelog.gif Sick of having to manage a CMS when you’re blogging? Just not cool with mainstream tools such as Movable Type or WordPress? SimpleLog could be for you.
Coded in Ruby-on-Rails and made for simplicity, the point of SimpleLog is that you spend your time writing. Yet, it’s not lacking in your usual feature sets such as feeds, pretty permalinks, boolean logic, multiple authors, and other things needed for…. yes, you got it: writing.
It even comes with built-in spam protection! Open source and looking to those just wanting to write and not wanting to mess with a whole slew of administrative work.

Movie Review: Next

This science fiction thriller is pretty great…. at least it seemed to be with the trailers.
The whole idea of clairvoyance is pretty interesting and Cris Johnson (Nicolas Cage), aka. Frank Cadillac, who can see two minutes into the future for his own life… except that he can see into one single person outside that two minute window and that would be Liz (Jessica Biel). Unfortunately, with those types of gifts, one must hide them and in plain view is the best way. So Johnson has a magic show act in Vegas where he does what people think are “cheap parlor tricks.”
His whole life changes when the FBI (Julianne Moore) start trying to chase him to help with a nuclear bomb and refuses to take no for an answer on helping.
Personally, I thought the plot for Next [affiliate] needed some work. It wasn’t the worst case, but it could have been a way better movie. They turned the FBI into the bad guys for most of the movie and the ending (without spoiling it) was pretty darn cheesy.
Throughout the movie, you were like… why did this person do this, or that person do that. Thus, very unrealistic, which isn’t the questions you want a moviegoer to actually ask. You want them to be entrenched in the storyline and be so engrossed that they don’t ask these questions.
I’d be curious as to how this movie lines up with The Golden Man by Phillip K. Dick. Apparently being based off of it, it should be good right? Hopefully the movie doesn’t parallel the book. A really good way to figure out if things are as good as they are in the movies as books? If the movie has characters that are exactly drawn out as the description by the book, then it’s bound to be at least an accurate if not great movie. Devil is in the details, so the saying goes. Or something like that anyways.

Restore Vista RUN command

vistastart.jpg IntelliAdmin goes through the pains of not being able to go to the RUN command in Vista anymore.
But never fear. You can still restore that RUN command and use it to your heart’s content. First, Windows+R does the trick. But if you’re really missing the old way of doing things… customize the Star Menu. Under there, you can find the Run command. Just click it… hit OK, and go back to your old ways.
Old ways of hitting Start, menu… Run.
Feels good doesn’t it.

How the virtual local community responds to ConvergeSouth

This is an observation piece. From my point of view, it’s rather draining year after year so this is the piece to pull together why we can’t all get along (and why some don’t even bother going to the conference but have a lot to say)
Sometimes, I wonder if I regret IMing Sue about the creation of ConvergeSouth.
Don’t get me wrong. I love this conference. She and Ed have been right there along the vision that I had to use technology as a new medium to build communities or give voice. Year after year, there are volunteers that put their heart and soul into this and try to fulfill… well… my dream.
Year after year, we always do damage control with people that diss the conference. Usually they’re from people that didn’t go to the conference but insist that there’s some unsaid political agenda. We invite people that use the technology to push their voice and thus fulfilling the vision of the conference. Yet somehow or another, people keep coming back to how it’s more left… and more progressive.. yadda yadda.
FINE. YOU WIN. You want to know what the hidden agenda that I had in my mind ever since day 1 was?
I wanted to bring economic dollars to our fair city. I saw what kind of money mature conferences of the same sort did for larger cities and how much it places it on the map.
So for those progressives that aren’t acting very progressive, and the conservatives that are talking about things they never went to… please. “Agree to disagree” and move on. As selfish as I feel about this, it’s to benefit everyone in this city on a bigger picture, and to have fun with a type of technology that enables people to have a voice, and yes… even quibble about politics, religion, or what not.
What’s amazing to me is that I did something this third year that was exactly what I felt should be going on with everyone else. This extremely nice older black lady came to me asking for some clarification since she was an author but was not very learned in the ways of licensing, and blogging. I spent some time with her privately explaining all sorts of things she could use as an author and she told me that the Lord had sent an angel to help her… (which was sweet of her, but I don’t think I deserve praise as such). But the thing is? THAT is the point of the conference.
So instead, I challenge you to prove to me that it isn’t a non-partisan conference. So me that my agenda doesn’t deserve to be pushed and these many volunteers that spend time on this are not doing something worthwhile for this city. And that’s my last word on this. Back to planning out ConvergeSouth 2008.
Update1 (10/29): Looks like Scoble wants to be back at CS. haha. Awesome. Nods to buddy, TD for letting me know while I was out for the weekend.

Adult Swim not capitalizing on Death Note?

deathnote.jpg I really don’t get it.
Adult Swim announced that was airing Death Note a while back and it showed up on the schedule. I actually was just looking for some Bleach scheduling and wandered upon it.
What’s strange is that it had to cost them a lot of money to get this, but yet there hasn’t been many if at all commercials about it. The reason for cost? It’s one of the hottest animes in Japan currently and is one of the top-selling manga. Even Cory Doctorow loved it and wrote an interesting post about it on BoingBoing a while back.
So without marketing, will this be another reason for those guys to put down the anime sections because ratings are low? This could be similar to the whole Trinity Blood fiasco where there was much complaint about the ratings, but no one knew it was even being aired. As of Tuesday, Adult Swim still did not have em>Death Note listed on their website as a show, and yet was showing the premiere in the videos.
Sloppy, really sloppy in promotions.


xpad.jpg Looking for something else other than your usual text editor? Take a look at xPad.
xPad is one of those super useful notepad replacements that allows you to manage multiple documents all in one window and it automatically saves your files as you edit so you don’t have to go and save your file. Are you really OCD and need to color-code and sort your documents a certain way? Go figure… xPad can handle that. If you need to drop a file on top of xPad or move files to and from the Finder, it allows you to do that. It even allows you to export your documents to your iPod… (don’t ask me why, since I wouldn’t bother reading a doc of any sort on my iPod). Basically, the point is… YOU CAN!
Everything you can think of for a notepad type application, this baby does. And best of all, it’s F-R-E-E. You can’t really get better than that.


colloquy.png Colloquy is an open source MacOSX IRC client. As with most MacOSX applications, this one is pretty, clean, and easy to use. It also has clients for the iPhone and iTouch.
Need a buddy list for your IRC buds? No problem. There is one. Full DCC transport? No problem. A way to chat on multiple servers at once? YAH! It has everything you need for IRC and more.

Shadow of the Colossus

I’ve been wanting to play Shadow of the Colossus for a while now. Mainly because of the rave reviews that it’s had.
Tell you the truth, it’s really fun, but it’s not as awesome as I would like.
Controls: The controls for this game are pretty well suited for what you need to do. The right joystick controls the camera while the other controls movement. Typical button settings.
Playability: Most of the game is pretty playable. The advanced horse controls is supposed to be difficult, but anyone that has played a number of RPGs on the PS2 should have no issues with this.
Overall: This game has some interesting things about it. The camera for instance is always on, so you can always spin around your character and zoom in and out of scenes… any scene. What’s interesting is that the videos are created from the in-game graphics so even when there is a scene there, you can move your camera around. That makes for a very interactive game…. sort of.
Between finding a Colossus to slay, there is the vast landscape that you get to travel in. Since all of this is relative sizes, it’s interesting that there’s pretty much nothing to do between you and the Colossus. That makes it rather boring between games when you’re chasing a lit sword to find your next victim.
The relative size issue is really great concept since this makes the beasts gigantic compared to your little main character. So thus, playing off of his strong suites of climbing, holding on… and hiding, play into every bit of taking down each Colossus.
The graphics and music are spectacular, but there could have been more between scenes. Most of the time was wasted in looking for some big giant shelled creature that you would think there were other animals or something around. Anything. But there’s only the lizards that give you health running around outside of the big dudes. Ick. I probably love it for the scale, but hate it for the middle parts.


PageDefragmenter.jpg PageDefrag is another useful tool by SysInternals for those that are looking to squeeze every bit of juice out of their current machines.
What’s interesting here is that it optimizes your page file. The bad part of it is that if your page file has been around for a while, then the optimization time takes a long long time. There is an easier way around this though. You can just delete the page file and recreate it. But in any case, if you’re not willing to do that, then use the tool. It’ll suck every bit of performance out of the machine and give it to you in its infinite glory.
Or something like that. Free for Windows.